• PSBA Neighborhood Captains

    Get Connected With A PSBA Neighborhood Captain Near You!

    neighborhood captains


    PSBA’s Neighborhood captains are your local PSBA point of contact for these kinds of things:

    • Want to meet more beekeepers local to you and share beekeeping best management tips?
    • Want a way to stay connected with what’s going on the beekeeping world in between PSBA meetings? 
    • Want to learn more about bees and how to support them in your gardening practices? (no beekeeping required!)

    Please review the list below to locate a PSBA Neighborhood Captain near you. The PSBA Neighborhood Captain program started in 2013 and we continually update the list of resources for each neighborhood. If you don’t see a captain for your ‘hood, please check back often or reach out to another nearby neighborhood captain for help.

    Each Captain will differ in levels of support and coverage area – so please contact a Captain for more details.

    Neighborhood Captain(s) Email
    Ballard Sandy Hannes ballard@pugetsoundbees.org
    Bryant Christian Bantzer, Aune Tietz bryant@pugetsoundbees.org
    Issaquah Claudia Clemens issaquah@pugetsoundbees.org
    Magnolia, West Queen Anne Maureen Sullivan magnolia@pugetsoundbees.org
    Mt. Baker, Columbia City Jesslyn Howgate, Megan McIntyre colcity@pugetsoundbees.org
    North Seattle Elaina Jorgensen northseattle@pugetsoundbees.org
    Queen Anne, Belltown, and SLU Jeff Steenbergen queenanne@pugetsoundbees.org
    Renton Tracy Klein renton@pugetsoundbees.org
    Shoreline Krista and Brad Tenney shoreline@pugetsoundbees.org
    Wallingford Kevin Gow wallingford@pugetsoundbees.org
    West Seattle Christine Ranegger westseattle@pugetsoundbees.org
    Woodinville Kathy Cox woodinville@pugetsoundbees.org