PSBA Field Day 2015 a Success!

Peter Borst leading a hive inspection, PSBA Field Day 2015
Peter Borst leading a hive inspection, PSBA Field Day 2015

Thanks so much to those who came to PSBA’s Field Day on Saturday May 30th 2015.

We had great weather and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves while learning something new.

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Many Thanks also to our presenters who offered their expertise and time to expand our learning about bees and beekeeping:  Peter Loring Borst (featured presenter) along with our afternoon lineup of experts:  Tim Hiatt of Hiatt’s Honey, Rusty Burlew of, Will Peterman of, Danny Najera PhD – PSBA and Greenriver Community College, Kathy Cox – PSBA Board member.

Our sponsors made the day special too, with food from Whole Foods Interbay and door prizes offered by Sky River Winery, West Seattle Nursery, and City People’s Garden Store.

PSBA runs on Volunteer energy and enthusiasm – we couldn’t have done this event without the hard work our volunteers who often work many hours behind the scenes and well in advance of Field Day to ensure our guests and presenters have a delightful experience at this special event. Give these folks a big thank you next time you see them!

  • Bruce Becker
  • Nancy Beckett
  • Krista Conner
  • Gerardo Dilillo
  • Lauren Englund
  • Kevin Gow
  • Josephine Laing
  • Laura Lovell
  • Christine Ranegger
  • Jeff Steenbergen
  • Maureen Sullivan
  • Brian Talbert

Gallery of the event – if you have Field Day pictures to add please send them to [email protected]

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Peter Borst discussing honey bee health
Lauren and Kevin enjoying lunch
PSBA Secretary and Apiary Manager - Maureen Sullivan - doing the heavy lifting
Door Prize winners and PSBA President, Gerardo Dilillo
Sky River Meadery
Bee Math Wheels are handy!
Something interesting going on in this hive - Peter Loring Borst explains - Field Day 2015
Thanks to Field Day Sponsor: West Seattle Nursery
Josie making bee themed greeting cards at the Build It! tent
Renee and Jesslyn enjoying lunch from whole Foods Interbay
Thanks to Field Day Sponsor: Whole Foods Market Interbay
Danny talks about waggle dances
Will Peterman shares info about bumblebees
Will Peterman and Field Day participants discuss bumblebees
Board members Brian and Lauren debate which honey tastes the best
Danny and Brian taking a break with the observation hive
Maureen and Josie - thinking up new projects for the Build It! tent
Krista and Bruce welcome Field Day participants