Extractor Rentals – New Rental Process


PSBA offers honey extractor rentals which is a great thing for our beekeeping community- this equipment can be expensive and is typically needed only 1-2 times a year.  PSBA offers one electric 12 frame extractor if you have a large harvest, or there are 2 smaller 4 frame extractors if you only have a box or two to harvest. (If you have less than 10 frames to extract, you may want to consider uncapping/draining your frames via good ‘ol gravity. Or, maybe you rally a bunch of your beekeeping pals and have an extracting party using the large extractor.  (There’s also word on the street that PSBA may host another extraction event this season -details TBD – watch for updates!)

But let’s get back to the extractor rental policy…

If you are planning to rent an extractor from PSBA this season, please be aware of a few changes to our rental policy, effective immediately.

What’s the same this year:

  • All rental fees and deposits remain the same as last year: $20/week for 4 frame extractor, $50/week for the 12 frame.
  • All renters must be members of PSBA to be qualified to rent the extractor
  • All renters must adhere to our rental policy – and cleaning procedures for extractors- else you could forfeit your deposit


What’s new this year:

In addition to being a member of PSBA, renters need to complete 1 qualifying volunteer event prior to scheduling the rental.  Rental pickups/drop offs will occur on Fridays this year.

Why this change requiring volunteering?   PSBA is 100% volunteer run. PSBA needs more volunteers.  While we always appreciate monetary donations and all our current volunteers…we still struggle to register enough (and varied) volunteers to do all the things we need (or want) to do.

  • Example:  July 9th booth event in West Seattle – a 2 day event- has only 2 volunteers scheduled to help currently. (These are the same two volunteers who’ve worked multiple events this year already). It takes a minimum of 8 volunteers to run a booth for 2 days without overburdening any individual.  At this and other events PSBA sells honey to raise $ which pays for things like meeting event space and speakers, and we engage the community to educate them about honey bees. So, it is vital to our mission as an organization to attend these types of events.

Demand for PSBA assets and offerings is high (which drives further need for volunteer effort – like managing the extractor).  In addition, there is desire from PSBA leadership to foster a sharing community within PSBA – sharing the work of running the org, in addition to sharing our knowledge and assets (like extractors).

Please review our extractor page for more details on renting an extractor and qualifying volunteer opportunities. Please review our event calendar and register to volunteer today – it’s fun!