• PSBA Neighborhood Captains

    Get Connected With a PSBA Neighborhood Captain Near You!

    •  Want to meet more beekeepers local to you and share beekeeping best management tips?
    •  Want a way to stay connected with what’s going on the beekeeping world in between PSBA meetings? 
    • Want to learn more about bees and how to support them in your gardening practices? (no beekeeping required!)

    PSBA’s Neighborhood captains are your local PSBA point of contact for these kinds of things.

     Please find review the map to locate a PSBA Neighborhood Captain nearest to you. The PSBA Neighborhood Captain program started in 2013 and we continually update the list of resources for each neighborhood. If you don’t see a captain for your ‘hood, please check back often or reach out to another neighborhood captain for help.

    Each Captain will differ in levels of support and coverage area – so please contact a Captain for more details.

    PSBA Neighborhood Captain Map – click map for more details and contact info for each area:

    neighborhood captains