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    Puget Sound Beekeepers Association’s mission is in part to educate beekeepers, so we have a whole host of ways to help you hone your beekeeping skills!

    PSBA Classes:

    PSBA  classes, free or affordable, offer instruction from local experts and three levels of certification through Washington State Beekeeping Association.


    PSBA Workshops and Events

    PSBA’s Field Day for 2016 is open for registration!   After rave reviews at last year’s event, you won’t want to miss Field Day!


    Become a Master Beekeeper!

    WSBA Master Beekeeper Patch - ApprenticeWashington State Beekeepers Association’s Master Beekeepers Program is a great way to learn even more about beekeeping. There are three levels in the program – Apprentice, Journeyman and Master – all of which will increase your skill, knowledge and awareness in the world of beekeeping.

    To get you started, all students in our Backyard Beekeeper class are given the apprentice program book, which is in itself an amazing source of beekeeping information. Alternatively, students can opt for self-paced certification by registering for materials online. Materials must be picked up in person at a PSBA meeting.

    To find out more about this program, visit Washington State Beekeepers Association.

    PSBA Apiary Work Parties:

    There is no better way to learn than to do. And in beekeeping, the more hives you can get into, the better. Each hive you encounter will provide a unique learning experience that is sure to stick with you. PSBA has apiary work parties twice a month for 8 months (+/- depending on weather) out of the year. Bring your beekeeping suit and come down to our apiary and see what’s new!

    PSBA Monthly Lessons:

    Prior to each monthly meeting (meetings are not held every month, please check schedule), PSBA will offer a beekeeping lesson designed to be relevant to the current time of the year. These lessons are geared for the new and experienced beekeeper alike.

    Lessons are from 6:30 – 7pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month, followed by announcements and our main speaker. Come and increase you beekeeping skills with PSBA!