Extractor Rentals

PSBA has extractors available for rent to members.  Rentals are limited to 1 week. No deposit is required. 

There are three extractors:

  • Two hand-crank extractors ($15/week). These are tangential extractors that can extract 4 frames at a time — a good choice if you are extracting relatively few frames. Each extractor is manageable for one person to transport and will fit into most automobile trunks.
  • One motorized extractors ($25/week). This as a radial extractor that can extract 12 frames at a time. This unit are great for large extracting jobs. The unit is light enough for one strong person to carry and has made it into the back seat of a Prius.

The Association also has a couple of hot knives, an uncapping plane, and an uncapping tank. These are included with an extractor rental.


  1. Make sure you’ve paid your annual PSBA dues – rentals are available for paid PSBA members. Join Today if you are not a member yet!
  2. Request a rental on our scheduling tool here - rental approvals and appointment reminders will be sent via email.
  3. Pick up the extractor at the day/time sent in your rental approval email.  PLEASE BE ON TIME!  The standard pickup and drop-off time is 5:30 pm on  Tuesday in the Graham Visitors Center Parking lot. Rental fees must be paid at the time of pickup.  We like to stick with a predictable schedule, and we must coordinate with multiple parties to manage the extractor exchanges.   If you have any questions or special needs- contact Extractor@pugetsoundbees.org in advance of your pickup or return date.
  4. Required!  Clean up and Equipment Return: All equipment must be returned clean and free of debris so as not to attract unwanted visitors to the storage shed and as a courtesy to the next user.
  5. Late Fee: Please return equipment on time. For late returns, a fee of $2 a day will be assessed to a maximum of $25. If equipment is returned excessively late, future checkout privileges will be denied.