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    Let’s Party – In the PSBA Apiary!

    Join us in the PSBA Apiary for fun, some work, and the buzz of the honey bees!

    If you haven’t participated yet, PSBA Apiary Work Parties are a great way to learn something new, get your hands dirty there’s always something new to learn at each party, so be sure to attend more than one!

    Here’s How:PSBA Bee Garden at UW Arboretum

    1. See our events calendar for upcoming Apiary Work Party dates and Sign up! It is free and open to the public but we do expect you to get work done for the apiary! Bee tourist visits should be arranged for another time.  Contact the work party leader if any questions. (Leader contact info will be provided during registration)
    2. Show up to the PSBA Apiary on the work party date.  The PSBA Apiary is behind the greenhouses and the Graham Visitor Center of the Washington Park Arboretum (where our meetings are held).
    3. If work party dates or times change due to weather, the Work Party leader will contact those who’ve signed up with further instructions. If you don’t register you may not get this vital info.
    4. All participants are required to have a completed and signed PSBA waiver prior to working in the apiary. Please download the waiver here and print complete and bring to the event with you.
    5. Be sure to wear long pants, boots that cover your ankles,  and bring any beekeeping protective gear if you have it. We have gear you can borrow but we are limited in size and quantity.

    PSBA Field Day – What’s New This Year?

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    PhototasticCollage-2016-02-15-23-54-30Are you ready for PSBA’s Field Day this year on June 4th?

    If you’ve been on the fence about registering, please do so  – early registration helps us plan, and it ensures you have a seat for the biggest beekeeper event of the year for PSBA.

    Each year we strive to improve Field Day, and this year is no exception. Based on participant feedback, the format of our afternoon learning sessions will change slightly.

    What’s new?  In the afternoon – participants will get to explore topics in more depth via longer and more focused sessions with our expert presenters. In the past,  folks told us they felt rushed and overwhelmed by the many learning topics and pace of the schedule. With this new format, we hope to improve everyone’s learning opportunity, and encourage previous attendees to return for the new experience.

    This year’s afternoon presenters include our featured presenter, Katy Lee, who will offer insights into hive management via inspections in our apiary. In addition, participants will delve into the topic of Palynology with Dr. Paul Arnold to better understand the sources of pollen showing up in our local honey. Bring a sample of your honey!

    Rusty Burlew, a local beekeeping blogger and consistent crowd favorite, will offer participants an in depth understanding of varroa mites, how to spot them, and hive management tips to minimize impacts from varroa mites.

    We’ll have our fun gadget making tent and PSBA honey tasting and sales, as usual.

    See you there!



    PSBA Picnic is July 18th

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    PSBA Picnic Fun 2014

    PSBA Picnic Fun 2014

    A reminder that there is No Monthly PSBA Meeting in July!

    Instead,  come to the annual Picnic on Saturday July 18th in the apiary (behind Graham Visitor Center). It’s free to attend, guests welcome, but please RSVP.

    You’ll get to enjoy some good food and company of your fellow beekeepers plus we’ll inspect PSBA hives as part of our July Apiary Work party which is on the same day – so bring your gear!

    PSBA will provide drinks and dessert, please bring a dish to share for the picnic.


    • Apiary Work Party: 11 AM to 1 PM
    • Annual PSBA Picnic: 1 PM 2.30 PM
    • New! Swap Meet – PSBA members are invited to shop/swap at a beekeeper swap meet during the picnic. PSBA will have an amazing selection of wax , new honey containers, and 10 frame gear for sale.  Some important notes about the swap meet/sale:
      • There will be no drive in up to the Apiary so you have to carry your stuff. You must take all the stuff that doesn’t get sold/swapped away with you. We have no tables for sale items.
      • PSBA cautions that all used gear must be sanitized before use and makes no claims as to the condition of any gear for sale.

    PSBA’s Field Day is May 30th – You’re Invited!

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    Field Day is on May 30th – Please help us prepare for the day by registering early – and  so you can be assured of a seat at this important learning event for beekeepers of all levels of experience.

    In addition to our a.m. lecture with Peter Borst of Cornell University,  who will be presenting on Sustainable Beekeeping as well as Honey Bee Diseases (presentation details here) we have an impressive lineup of  local experts for our afternoon session. You will have the chance to learn from the best and be able to apply something new to your beekeeping.

    Bios of a few of our presenters are here…and you can read more about the lineup below:

    Rusty Burlew – a Fan Favorite,  local bee guru and blogger of Honeybeesuite.com will be on hand to answer your beekeeping questions – anything goes!

    Tim Hiatt 2nd Generation beekeeper from Ephrata WA, and co-owner of Hiatt’s Honey Company. He is a member of Washington State Department of Agriculture’s Apiary Advisory Committee, the National Honey Bee Advisory Board, and is legislative chair of the Washington State Beekeepers Association

    Daniel Najera, Entomologist – PSBA Research and Education Chair and Adjunct Faculty at Greenriver Community College  Danny is a passionate presenter and will share about waggle dances and foraging behavior of honey bees.

    Kathy Cox, PSBS Board member and former commercial beek – will cover Why, when and how should you split a hive. How do you support the queenless side of the split to grow to a functional hive size. How to use splits to stop dependence on yearly purchase of packages for replacement hives. Become a sustainable beekeeper. 

    Will Peterman, Beesearch.org  and founder of the Western Bumblebee Project,  will share info on the (once believed extinct) Bombus Occidentalis and how we can support this important pollinator.


    Field Day Registration is $50/person or $70/household of 2, and includes lunch.  Registration is limited so signup today to ensure your spot!

    We are grateful to our Sponsors for Field Day 2015 – thanks for making Field Day fun!

    Beesearch.org        Hiatt’s Honey

    SRMeadBee wsnursery hbs wfm








    Bee Package Arrival – April 19th, 2014

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    Bee Packages have started arriving in the Puget Sound region, and PSBA will be installing  packages in our apiary at the Arboretum starting at 11 a.m. – please join us for a walk through of the process so you can be prepared to install your own!

    One of our sponsoring vendors this year, Northwest Bee Supply, asked us to pass along information to our  members who may have ordered from them:   Pickup Time is 8:30 AM, 19 April Saturday.   Where?  8555 S. Perimeter Rd., King County Airport Boeing Field

    PSBA Work Party Schedule Change

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    Sorry for the last minute change but due to predicted weather of 41 degrees and chance of snow , we have decided to postpone tomorrow’s work party.   (Welcome to beekeeping in the PNW!)

    The March 1 work party is moved to March 15th.  The time slightly shifted as well (to accommodate those attending our Backyard Beekeeping Class):  new time = 11am- 1pm.

    Apiary Work Parties are free and a great way to get some hands-on learning. Checkout the complete schedule – See you in the apiary!

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